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In order to be able to purchase from Orange County Wholesale Flowers you must register your business by submitting in person or via fax (714- 542-5947 ) the following:


download    form

Florists and Event Planning Professionals:

1.- A completed registration form ( PDF form available  for print)

2.- Copy of State Board of Equalization Sellers Permit or Business License

Floral Design Students:

If you are a floral design student, we need a copy of your valid Student ID Card signed by your floral instructor.

You will receive a Membership Card within five to seven business days. Your card will be used only for identification purposes and will allow you or your employees to make future purchases. Please bring your card every time.

Not in the floral industry?

Please learn more about 1 day passes for people who is thinking to get involved in the floral industry.

If you have further questions please send us an email through Contact Us page