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Why OC Wholesale Flowers

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Why OC wholesale flowers?

As a wholesaler, Orange County Wholesale Flowers has the structure and ability to single out only the best and most reliable growers in California and around the world. This ensures our customers that the quality of flowers we carry is the highest and ranked grade #1 in the industry. All without considering the small amount of time that flowers travel from the actual growing field to your hands.

Look at some of the reasons to use Orange County Wholesale Flowers.



We Stand Behind Our Product
Even if that means replacement or full credit under the appropriate circumstances*

We Are Flexible

Our flexibility allows our clients to buy either small or large quantities, adjusting to any changing pace in the market.

We Save You Money
We offer price discounts for quantities purchased in bulk or standing orders

We Offer You Credit
Once established we provide reasonable credit terms

We Fill Customized Orders
Pre-order your flowers in advance according   to your needs. (Need tight or open blooms? We can take care of it)

We Look After You
We are always introducing new products and services to help your business stay competitive.

You See Before You Buy
We allow our customers the benefit to see the product before the purchase.

We Educate Our Customers
We educate our customers about important crops from domestic and international fields, especially during holidays.