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1st Grade Flowers Only!

What does it mean to you that Orange County Wholesale Flowers only buys 1st grade product?

It means:

· That you get to choose the colors and sizes you want.

Quality Standard Scrutiny
Quality Standard Scrutiny

· You’ll get the strongest, the tallest , the straightest and most uniform stems.

· More and bigger blooms per stem.

· That the flowers will look like the pictures in the book.

· A happy customer.

Shared Values And Principles

We maintain a broad network of reliable growers and logistic companies who share our values and principles.


In Water Product Shipping

Our product is bought and shipped mainly in water and non-dry pack.


Product Arriving On A Daily Basis

Due to the volume that we are able to move, product arrives on a daily basis. We receive product Monday through Saturday, with morning and evening shipments, from Southern California, Northern California, Mexico, South America, Hawaii, Thailand, Holland, New Zealand, and many more places from around the globe. Upon arrival our receiving personnel are trained to inspect every flower shipment to ensure that the product meets our quality standards. If it doesn’t the product is returned to the supplier.


Strict Quality Standards

We check our flowers twice a day. When a flower reaches the 3rd day in our facility or does not meet our quality requirements, it is relocated to our Bargain Corner, where is sold at a bargain price.