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Is the Product Fresh?

Yes. Due to the volume of flowers that we move in house and through our routes, our inventory turn-around is very short. Our associates are also trained to constantly inspect our flowers quality and freshness in our coolers and in the warehouse.
You can visit our Quality Standards page


How can I tell the price of the flowers in your warehouse?

Due to our fast inventory turn over, it’s almost impossible to keep our flowers individually priced. You are welcome to ask any of our associates for prices at any time.
Our prices are very competitive with any other wholesale flower market. In addition we offer special pricing for flower shops, volume purchasers, and customers with standing orders.

Please keep on mind that our prices vary depending on availability, weather conditions and market trends.

How can I get a product price list from you for budget purposes?

Yes. The best way is to speak with one of our sales associates, since the prices may depend on the season. We need to know when you will need them, in what lengths and colors, etc.

How should I take care of the flowers to make them last longer?

Always cut stems at a sharp angle. This increases the surface area of the stem and allows water to be better absorbed through the stem. After the end of the stem is cut, place it directly into the water. It only takes a minute for the stem to begin to dry and seal up.

Use warm water only if you are trying to open tight blooms.

Visit Flower Care Tips for more information

What is the best way to transport my order?

If you have buckets, bring them with you, flowers always travel better on water. If you do not have buckets we can provide boxes to carry out your order.

What exactly is 1st grade product?

Flowers are grown in 3 different categories:

First grade: Premium quality flowers, taller and straighter stems, brighter colors, and more blooms per stem.

Second grade: Flowers with shorter and weaker stems, less blooms per stem, usually sold at discounted prices.

Third grade: Flowers mainly used for pre-made bouquets. Very short in size, uneven and thin stems, definitely not for quality arrangements.

How are the flowers priced in your warehouse compared with the LA market?

Our prices are very similar, with the exception that we only buy first grade products. We give you quality even if you don’t ask for it, because we care about our long term relationship with our customers.